We take you to the real Mexico where you can experience life off the well-worn tourist track and meet the people who trace their connections to this country back through the centuries and who remain as connected to place as their ancestors (who return to visit them each Dias de los Muertes).


Our Mission

Is to undertake responsible, sustainable, ethical and respectful tourism.

To aim to give more than we take and to experience Mexico, not just look at it through the camera.

To return home with new friends and a deeper understanding of the astounding culture and complexity of this intriguing beautiful and complex country.

We aim to create experiences of connection and exchange, where traveller and locals can learn more about each other. Most of all, we want to give you a memorable trip - for all the right reasons.

Learning about responsible tourism was actually something I hadn’t thought about much before the trip. As a lover of travel I found it really interesting and learning about what we can do to tackle related issues with design was valuable. Also simple things like learning how to work as individuals and in a group outside of an educational space was a great way of preparing us for the real world. Being in a completely new environment made me a lot more aware of my place and role as an aspiring designer.
— Student from anonymous survey, post-tour in Oaxaca, Mexico