Come & discover the diversity and delights of Mexico.


World-class archeological sites, fascinating and sometimes idiosyncratic museums, stunning art galleries; cutting edge street art; music, music, and then more music; artisans practicing skills developed in pre-hispanic times; religious festivals mixed with indigenous beliefs and customs; vast sweeping vistas; rainforests; cloud forests; sleepy pueblos and raucous cities; market places where you can purchase a love-spell, some prickly pear and a quick snack of grasshoppers.

Traces of Mexico’s complex histories and cultures can be found everywhere - in the streets, in the language, in the clothes people wear, and in the people themselves.

There are beaches, mountains, vast sweeps of valleys fanning out 180 degrees before you, secret waterfalls, the food - oh yes! - the food - so much more than tacos and burritos. And the craft beers, mezcal made on small rancheros to great-grandma’s bootleg recipe and tequila and pulque and hot chocolate as you’ve never tasted it before.

Mexico is sometimes a bit crazy, often chaotic and just as often quietly majestic, but it is always, always fascinating.


a culture of color

Wander the streets and laneways and enjoy the surprise awaiting you around each corner…


a culture of spectacle

Parades, dancers, stilt-walkers - you never know what you might encounter on the streets…